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Buying a car

Caroline White says: I am convinced that reverse auctions is the new way to buy things.

Couple of weeks ago, I opened a reverse auction to buy a new car (pretty popular by the way). Just wanted to demostrate my husband how good I could be doing a negotiation, I think ... I did it.

The first thing I did was to call several car dealers near to my home and ask for the commercial manager (I wanted to avoid the seller commision ... ). Talking to the manager, I explained him that I was opening an auction at and that he would receive an invitation to participate.

I knew exactly what brand of NEW car, modell, accessories, standard warranty offered by all dealers, etc.. Also the delivery place was clear. In regard to the payment, leasing was already clarified with my bank, so this topic was out of the question.

I asked the managers and other sell agents their company emails, and told them they will receive invitations in their emails telling the date and time of the auction. The only thing they should do, would be register at Reverplace and participate on the auction. They didn't know who else were invited and how many dealers will be bidding on the auction.

In regard to the conditions of the deal I got a little help, because I was worried not to obtain enough discount. Well, basically I put something like this: "This auction is for budgetary purposes and doesn't mean immediate purchase", however I really was convinced to buy.

Mi base price for the auction was the price list of the car including accessories.

The result:  ...... Car dealers bid on the auction, and at the end I got a quote price with a discount of 12% ....

Today I have the car of my dreams! Thanks to Reverplace.

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