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Video tutorials

Opening a new reverse auction (buyers)



Opening a reverse auction at




Bidding as a Supplier


Suppliers participate on reverse auction at

Information on Video

Simple Steps to Create / Open a new Reverse Auction

  1. Get Register as Reverplace user (Login)
  2. Buy some Reverplace tokens (credit)
  3. Contact your possible suppliers and get their email addresses
  4. Think as buyer about detailed specs of goods or Services and put them on a document
  5. Open the auction
  6. Invite the suppliers
  7. Wait for the auction



Simple Steps to bid as a Supplier

  1. Receive an invitation via email
  2. Get Register in reverplace (or login - old users)
  3. Search the list of invitations - Menu - Suppliers - Invitations in process
  4. Enter in the reverse auction
  5. Make offers
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