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I am new here

If you are totally new at Reverplace auctions, we recommend you this :


  • Please complete the register process, in that way you will see more menu alternatives available for you -- Register
  • Once you have completed your registration and your account is activated, you will be able to open auctions. In case of requiring additional support, please send us a message using the contact form. We will be glad to assist you.
  • Important: During registration process, don't forget please to turn on Cookies. They are required to keep User Session in place.
  • If you are going to act as a buyer, opening reverse auctions, you will need credit (need to buy Tokens), in order to do that you need to complete registration process as well.
  • I am a supplier ... and got an invitation to auction... What to do now? Please register first, you will see additional supplier menu then. Use please for registration the same email address where you received the invitation.

I represent a company ..... how do I do register ......


Have in mind following recommendations

  1. Try to use a generic buyer account (not mandatory) for the user who is going to be in charge of opening reverse auctions. For instance This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In this way, you will not need to do changes if a buyer leaves the company and the user account still has credit for opening new auctions or if you want to keep historic reports in one account only.
  2. For online payments using gateways like ePayco, PayPal and others, the Corporate Credit Card owner (if payer is different to the one who opened the REVERPLACE account), must know account User Credentials in order to buy tokens for him/her and credit them directly.
  3. REVERPLACE doesn't keep any Credit Card data in the Server (all payment data remains by gateway portal only).
  4. Tokens transfer to other buyers: Other buyer(s) of your company can remain totally independent if the payer opens his/her own REVERPLACE account, uses the corporate Credit Card to acquire Tokens, and then transfer these tokens from his/her account to known User(s) IDs via: Menu - Tokens - Tokens Transfer. In this way will be unnecessary for the main payer to know the credentials of the buyer(s). Have one account for each buyer who opens an auction makes them accountable for the auction content, this is an advantage in comparison of having a generic REVERPLACE account.

The easy Basics ... remember:

A Buyer: 1. Gets register - 2. Buys Tokens - 3. Open an auction - 4. Invite Suppliers
A Supplier or Seller: 1. Is invited by a Buyer - 2. Gets Register (or Login) - 3. Participates on auction




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