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In order to open a new reverse auction, a buyer needs to be registered and have enough credit to create it. Credit in Reverplace will be measuared in "Tokens", which will be available at buyer database after purchase. Tokens will be depleted with the creation of new reverse auctions.

How do I know .. how many tokens need for my new auction?

It is simple, for each auction with a Base Value equal or below USD 1,000 you will require one (1) token, from USD 1,001 to 10,000 you will require two (2) tokens, and so on as per chart shown at the right. Base Value is defined as the initial value of the auction, determined by the buyer when the auction is created. Each token has a cost of USD 10.

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Tokens x auction required, depend on
auction Base Value (Starts value).


Int From USD Up to USD Tokens
1 0 1000 1
2 1001 10000 2
3 10,001 50,000 3
4 50,001 100,000 4
5 100,001 500,000 5
6 500,001 And more ... 10

Table with token qty calculation.

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