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As a Supplier who has been invited to a reverse auction, the first thing you will have is an invitation from a Buyer. Here below you can see an invitation sample received by email. The same email address used for receiving your invitation from the buyer, is the one you have to use for registration at Only registered Suppliers are allowed to bid on reverse auctions.



After registering, you can search the auctions you are invited by clicking on Menu Suppliers ... Invitations in Process ...





Invitations in progress are auctions which started already ... click on the auction link you want to bid on.






After selecting the auction link, you will be redirected to the auction ID form, and you will have the oportunity of review Terms and Conditions of Reverplace auctions (different to buyers Ts&Cs for each particular auction). Read please our Ts&Cs, and accept them in order to participate. Click on "Go to auction" ...






Fast and reliable Internet connections are very important.

That was all .... you are now in the auction page and ready to place offers.



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