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Terms and Conditions Reverplace

  1. Web site has been created to serve as a business mediator or bridge between Buyers and potential Suppliers, for this reason, all negotiation conditions and terms agreed between Buyers and Suppliers invited to auctions, before, during and after any reverse auction are their sole responsibility. Purchases, services and all kind of deliveries will be agreed also between the parties previously mentioned without any intervention of This web site will be not liable for any agreement breach of Buyers or Suppliers registered on this site.
  2. Reverplace commitment: This web site has the commitment to not disclosure intentionally your personal data to anyone. In the same way, Reverplace will not request from buyers or suppliers any authorization to share data with other parties.
  3. Auctions at Reverplace are private, and therefore it will be required that Buyers interested in receive auction offers from invited suppliers know their emails. It is also responsibility of Buyers to know with precision the relationship between these suppliers and the Companies they affirm to represent.
  4. Auction Data: has the commitment to keep in reserve the data corresponding to auction offers, delivering to users only the pertinent data in conjunction to his(her) rights, as follow:
    • Buyers: Detail and listings of all auction opened with their specific Id only: historic auctions, active not started, started in progress, auctions without invitations, results and graphics of an auction, statistics, list of invited suppliers for specific auction, and other related with the current logged in buyer.
    • Suppliers: Detail and listing of auctions to which they were invited with their specific ID only: historic auctions, not started auctions, auctions in progress, statistics, won auctions, email of buyer who invites to the auction, and other related with the current logged in supplier.
  5. Reverplace don't keep records of phone numbers, addresses or any other user data, and will not request them from users, unless necessary for support purposes. For that reason, all information (Buyer / Supplier) required between both parties before, during and after the auction and related to existence, veracity, seriousness of Suppliers and Buyers will be responsibility of auctions participants. Buyers must be certain about the relationship between suppliers invited and the Companies they represent. Suppliers need to be certain about buyer seriousness.
  6. Reverplace will not accept any responsibility in reference to Specs, Terms and conditions, etc.. of any particular auction. It is clear that Buyers, by opening an auction, will create in the opening form for their invited suppliers proper documentation, terms and conditions (for each auction), or will use attachment(s) when they send invitations to suppliers. Reverplace support refers solely to the use of the platform, and doesn't have inference in details and content of any auction. Reverplace will not clarify to suppliers Specs, Terms and Conditions from any auction.
  7. No matter the result of an auction, this result does not endanger in any kind, or the firm proprietary of this web site, due to the fact that this result is the simple interaction between independent Buyer and his(her) invited Supplier(s). To Suppliers will be recommended the thoroughly revision of all documentation presented by the Buyer. Having in account that the result of an auction is firm if the Buyer terms & conditions determine this. However, Reverplace will not and can not be liable if Supplier who won the auction doesn't want to comply with the delivery of good(s) and/or Service(s). In other occasions, Buyer conditions of the auction are showing the need to obtain the lowest price possible (RFQ auction), but there is not an immediate buying commitment per se (Companies which require issuing of purchase orders for instance or for budgeting purposes). If the auction will not implicates a firm commitment by closing, this needs to be communicated at front from Buyers to invited Suppliers, and suppliers should acknowledge this condition. Reverplace will not be responsible if a buyer declares void an auction or if doesn't want to award a deal to a Supplier who won an auction.
  8. Documents between parties: is not liable or responsible for documents exchanged between Buyers and Suppliers, including attachment(s) delivered with Reverplace invitation(s), or delivered directly from Buyers email. will share with the authorities (if officially required - up to 2 years old information), the Specs or Terms saved in the plattform, however we will not keep records of attachments delivered with invitations. The reason: We don't need to keep confidential information in our data base.
  9. and their owners will keep unscathed at any moment of any litigation or legal confrontation between parties (Buyer / Suppliers) before, during and after any reverse auction.
  10. and their owners, are not responsible for the internet transaction speed and in particular the condition and efficiency of the server where the web site is hosted. Participants of reverse auctions at (Buyers and Suppliers) are entirely responsible to get and use fast and reliable internet connections.
  11. Auctions interrupted due to bad or broken hosting conditions, can be extended by Buyer with a request to Reverplace support : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the new closing date and time. Support response time can take up to 24 hrs. (have this in mind for auction extension). Only if the hosting company recognize the service interruption, the auction closing data will manually changed and confirmed to the buyer. Buyers have the responsibility to confirm invited Suppliers an eventual changed in the closing date & time.
  12. An auction can be declared void by a Buyer if there are not enough participants or any other reason. Reverplace is not responsible for voided auctions.
  13. Buyers who invite Suppliers to reverse auctions are authorizing expressly to communicate invited Suppliers the email address of the person who invites to the auction.
  14. Suppliers accept expressly and authorize this web site to publish offers they are placing during a reverse auction, using their ID partially hidden or not, or using participant alias.
  15. Auctions won by Suppliers can be honored or not by Buyers, depending on Terms & Conditions of individual auctions (made inside or outside of the web site). is not responsible for auction which are not honored by Buyers.

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