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Frequent asked questions

  • I am acting as Buyer, and a supplier is telling me that no invitation to specific auction has been received. What to do?

Please send again the invitation with all documentation that you already have sent to other suppliers invited to the same auction. Be sure you have the right supplier email address. You can send as many invitations as required, in particular if you modified the auction before start. It is your responsibility that all invitees receive the same information.

  • Bought some auction Tokens but the balance doesn't appear updated in the upper blue ribbon, what to do?

It is possible that gateway confirmation of payment hasn't arrived yet to us. Sometimes takes a couple of minutes depending on your payment method. Please review later on Menu - Tokens - Historic Purchases or Menu - Tokens - Reviewing-Tokens. If you find there your last transaction, means that the newly quantity of tokens is already credited in our data base. In case of doubts, please use the menu contact, or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the transaction number and the date.

  • Can I cancel an auction?

Yes, an auction can be cancelled if it has been opened by you, and if it has not started yet. By entering Menu - Buyers - Cancel an auction, you can have access to the list of auctions you are allowed to cancel. Token(s) corresponding to the cancelled auction will be returned to your account right after auction cancellation.

  • Can I modify an auction?

Yes, auctions opened by you can be changed if they have not started yet. However, Base Value or Currency can't be changed. Information like dates, times, specifications, terms & Conditions can be modified. If you require to change the Base Value or Currency, you will need to cancel the auction and create a new one.

  • How much time is my session active?

Thirty (30) minutes. After this time, if you don't perform any actitivy, the session will close. Please don't let session expire during the last minute of the auction. Refresh the page within the last thirty (30) minutes of the auction, this will guarantee that your session will not expire during the rest of the auction.

  • Winning the auction will assure the deal for me?

Not necessarily.  Depending on Terms and Conditions of the Buyer by auction opening. It can be about a RFQ auction type, looking for the best offer and subsequent Purchase Order issuing, or could be declared void, or it is about a simple budgetary quote. Please, be sure to know very well the Terms and Conditions of the buyer before auction start.

  • If I was acting as supplier on a bid, could I create my own auction and be a Buyer?

Of course. Any one (single persons and companies) can be Buyers or Suppliers. As Buyer you will need however credit (Tokens) to open your own reverse auctions.

  • Tokens can be trasferred to other buyers in my Company?

Yes they can. Via Menú : Tokens - Tokens Transfer. However, the courtesy Token can't be transferred. You must know of course the user ID of the beneficiary.

Save and be competitive

Use reverse auctions for buying goods and services. This is a fundamental and modern tool which will give you substantial savings in your Supply Chain.

Watch your resources

Reverse auctions report to buyers estimated savings between 10 and 14% in average. Particulary useful for purchasing of goods and tangible elements, but also usable for service contracts. 

Searching an invitation

Serching an invitation to a especific reverse auction will require following steps:


  1. You should have received an email from a Buyer extending you an invitation to a reverse auction at Reverplace, indicating you the specs of that he(her) pretend to acquire.
  2. Login to or Register if you didn't before. Use the same email address where you got the invitation.
  3. Search for the auction in menu Suppliers - Invitations in Process, or if not started, in the menu .. Suppliers - Not started yet.
  4. If the auction already started choose it please from the menu Suppliers - Invitations in Process clicking on corresponding auction link.
  5. Check the box of Terms & Conditions to be able to enter the auction.
  6. Enter the auction and start doing your offers ....... that easy!.


Video - Making offers

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