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We are experts

Reverplace SAS is a stock company with high specialized personnel in Supply Chain Management including Warehousing control, Contract Management and Public Tenders. The Company was born of the Procurement and Logistic experience made with important Engineering and Infrastructure Projects based in USA, South America and Germany mainly.
Our unexpensive concept of reverse auctions has growth in South and Central America and now we are exploring other markets worldwide.


Reverplace plattform is robust, with high standards of security which guarentees 100% protection of your data.


It makes us especially proud acting as a bridge platform between buyers and suppliers, owing to the fact that we are offering an easy tool where auction organizers (buyers) can achieve important saving goals. Different to other reverse auction portals, Reverplace is very easy to use for buyers, and even easier for invited suppliers. Reverplace doesn't intervene in auctions or their preparation, however we document good samples and  testimonials in our web site.


We see ourself as facilitators, and as such, our responsibility is limited to the tool used by buyers and suppliers.

Our terms and conditions are simple and clear for every user, representing the commitment of giving our customers an outstanding service.


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