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Activity in South America


We are in South and Central America

Currently, Reverplace has a strong presence in several countries of South America like Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.


We hope to be able to expand our service to other countries in the region like Perú and Ecuador, because we are convinced in both countries exists a huge industrial growth capacity and the responsibility for obtaining purchasing savings.


Our Customers use this plattform in order to achieve the best deals of countless cases related with commodities and consumables sourcing, purchase of goods, inventory parts, and all kind of long term agreements.


Some of our customers have been able to carried out reverse auctions for complex services (Consulting, Welding, Maintenance), which shows that those kind of services can be specified properly and sufficient.


We have also presence in Central America and the Caribic, giving service to countries like México and Dominican Republic. Currently we are running tests with an important Brewery in Colombia.

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